Why is it, Baby, that before I fell pregnant I felt totally comfortable in shops full of baby stuff, but now that you are on your way I feel completely out of my depth? Maybe it will be different when I have a belly, and you being visible will make me feel like less of an impostor.

I wish I was skinny so I’d be able to see you sooner. And because I worry that I’m putting both of us at risk. I’ve lost weight since you appeared on the scene though. You’ve had me feeling sick for weeks, which has made it a little difficult to eat!

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at names for you, and things I want to buy for you. I’m resisting the urge though. I’ll wait till we get a little closer to our birth day, because I’m still worried about jinxing us.

We made 8 weeks yesterday, little Peanut. That’s 1/5 of the way there, which is nearly a quarter, which is half of a half! I know its silly, but I want you here and huggable.

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