I guess this is how progress works Peanut. Yesterday I cried because I felt happy and today I didn’t cry at all. For the first time in five weeks. And most of those days I cried many times- some days I cried all day.

It was a beautiful day. I spent lots of time with your Daddy. We visited my favourite nursery and chose you lots of beautiful flowers. I achieved actual layers of blisters digging garden beds in. We played lumberjack for a while to let a little more sun shine down on you. I invented a new very yummy dish.

I think this is my recipe for contentment. Jake, home, hard work that I enjoy. I’m pretty sure this particular secret-of-life has already been discovered but I’m rediscovering myself. I laughed, I sang, I did silly voices. This is me. You would have had a lot of fun with me.

Unless I really feel I need to, I’m not going to write tomorrow. You don’t need me to. You’ll see me. I’ll be in the garden.


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