I thought you’d have faded a little by now. More than three years since my saddest of days and you are still right here with me; just beneath my skin, at the edge of my vision, at the forefront of my mind. I still cry for you in the dark. Instead of sleeping, I lay and thought of you and what we were and what we are. While the children I am blessed to birth and hold and hear cry grow up and inevitably away from me, I will always have you and what you gave me. Joy, hope, excitement and grief. All strong and real and welcome reminders that I am alive and that briefly you were too, and you chose to spend that time with me. I hope at the end of my days I have the time to look back and think of what we had and tell your brothers and sisters that sometimes just the promise of happiness can be so, so sweet. So I give you a name. You were and are Promise. You did not come to be, but you taught me a mother’s love. That love will always be yours.



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  1. So lovely – our unforgotten babies. ❤️

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